Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Merchant Slayer is a free service that helps businesses eliminate credit card processing fees and merchant fees when accepting credit card payments.

Rate Negotiation
We negotiate with your current processor or new processor to get you the lowest rate possible!

Best Rate Searches
We conduct Rate Searches and have processors bid for the lowest rate to earn your business!

Paperwork / Forms
We will handle all of the paperwork and forms needed to get you on your way!

Rate Lockin
We get  rates locked in for you, so you can begin saving money every month on your credit card processing.

Merchant Slayer is a complimentary service, so there is no cost to you. We don’t make any money from our customers or clients. Rather, we earn on the backend working with hundreds of merchant processing companies.

What is the difference between an ISO and a Broker? An ISO represents one Processor and is paid a commission based on the rates that the processor charges. Because of this the more they charge, the more they make. A broker is not tied into just one processor. A Broker has hundreds of processing options. Because as a Broker is focused on retention we place the Merchant into a relationship where they save the most money.

No, we represent a Merchant Broker Company, who works with hundreds of different processing options, which means we can get you the best possible rates, and get many different merchant processors to bid for your businesses.