5 major things that you should keep in mind about the new era of video marketing

Video marketing is taking over as the leading tool in the marketing world. Do not miss the opportunity.

If you are looking for strategy that will help connect deeper with your audience, it is time you considered moving from text only based advertising to video advertising. The social media platforms have fueled the change and are even optimized to enhance creation and sharing of the same.

It is unfortunate that many brands are not ready for the new era. If you are among them, here are five things you should keep in mind if you would like to have a winning video marketing campaign.

Creativity is vital 

There is so much content that it overloads the consumers. Your message as the advertiser is one of the hundreds that the prospects will meet today

To get attention, differentiate your message from the rest using creativity. Otherwise, the prospects are tired of seeing the same old advertisements being replayed now and then. In additional to what you say, creativity in making a presentation will make you stand out from the rest.

 Ease of understanding the content

We have moved from the days when we had to wait for ages for the video to load. Nowadays you can watch high quality HD videos from the smartphones.

This does not mean that you create a video that is the length of a movie, Elite Push recommends that you stick to two to three-minute video for your advertising. Customer attention online is getting shorter by the day. Thus, to still provide value to your prospects keep your message short and to the point.

Have a topic in your videos. A combination of this will give you a better chance of connecting with your audience. Moreover, use the available technologies to create videos that are easy to view, simple messages and easy to consume.

 Be authentic

The other way that you can make your message different from the rest is by ensuring that you are genuine and authentic – a 100 percent. Most of the advertisements are full of half-truths and blatant lies. Many of them use hyperbole language. Messages are sent in bolded fonts that a full of exclamation marks. You can only engage your clients by delivering what is genuine.

Most prospects are looking for content that relates to their struggles and daily challenges. They will not take something that paints the world as perfect. If you deliver such content, your audience will respond with actions that depict what is going on in their lives so that you will help them get solutions.

In addition to creating videos that people would want to watch, ensure that the videos are genuine. Do not claim that your product dies something that it does not do.

Achieving high rates of conversions

One of the advantages of using the video in advertising for your goods is that if your audience like what they view, they are more likely to take action. The action can be anything such as subscribing to your services, buying the product, or clicking through to your landing page.

Animated videos also have a far-reaching effect on the clients. They are able to transfer the information to the viewers in a way that it is easy for your customers to understand. This differs from videos that are filled with ads that do not make sense to the viewers. Animated videos also give you the tools that you need to educate your audience and help them make decisions in line with your product in a way that is not aggressive.

Optimize your videos for sharing

One of the most effective ways to grow your business audience is the use of social media platforms. Your videos and unique content will only reach its full potential if it can be shared among your viewers. Not all of your viewers will watch your videos from your site or on your page on social media. A good number will watch the videos after their friends have shared the clips. If your content cannot be shared, it is good as useless.

Invest some time and skill in optimizing your video content so that it becomes to share on desktop and mobile. Test it with different screen sizes so that none of your target audience will be cut out of your list of viewers. After you have confirmed this, ensure that you make the video go viral.

The video is the future of advertising. Social media has made it easy for everyone to consume video content and now the live streaming of the videos. Every business that is serious about being relevant online should invest in creating and presenting highly engaging video content to its audience. The five points above are part of any successful video campaign.